Monthly Archives: November 2008

Thinking of Coltrane

As a high school student first piquing my interest in jazz, I remember becoming fascinated by the way John Coltrane cut through the changes of standard repertoire in the ensembles of Miles Davis.The Prestige album Workin’ was one of the first albums that I ever purchased, and the solos of Miles and Trane on the tracks ‘Trane’s Blues’ and ‘In… (more…)

Old Friends Coming To Nashville

One of my favorite aspects of being a musician is that the job has allowed me to travel around the country.  Experiencing the local customs of new places is exciting and often quite comical.  Besides trying local exotic foods (fried cheese curds dipped in blue cheese – thank you Green Bay) and learning about local stereotypes (ask a UPer what… (more…)

A Highlight Recording From Last Week

I thought you might enjoy hearing a recording from my gig at the Nashville Jazz Workshop last week.  The septet played the music of Thelonious Monk, and I got to share the lead honors with Denis Solee on Monk’s gorgeous ballad “Ruby My Dear.”  Denis and I split up the melody and solos, so he starts off the tune, and… (more…)