Old Friends Coming To Nashville

One of my favorite aspects of being a musician is that the job has allowed me to travel around the country.  Experiencing the local customs of new places is exciting and often quite comical.  Besides trying local exotic foods (fried cheese curds dipped in blue cheese – thank you Green Bay) and learning about local stereotypes (ask a UPer what a ‘FIB’ is), I also met a lot of new people.  When Buddha’s Belly was traveling almost every weekend, we were very fortunate to make acquaintances with many music lovers as well as many other music makers.  While many people are quick to make friends over dark lighting and many beers, few of those encounters last beyond the sobering breakfast that follows. 


That being said, there is a band that I have never forgotten about because they are terrific players and wonderful people.  Based in central Illinois, the guys of The Station are old friends who I just discovered are playing Nashville for the first time this Saturday night.  So this note is to encourage you to come out and support them.  I’ve posted the show details below along with links to the band so you can hear how good they are.  There might even be a surprise guest at the show…


The Station – the official AFTER PARTY for Umphrey’s McGee

Saturday, November 15th

11 pm @ 12th and Porter





– evan

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