Live from Gallery One

Last week my good friend and colleague Sean Neukom presented a wonderful recital at Gallery One.  From top to bottom, the event was really terrific.  Gallery One is a beautiful room with fascinating works that made for a great setting.  The artist Lori-Gene, who sketched each of the three performed pieces, produced amazing results.   Sean not only played spectacularly, but also dissected and presented each of the pieces for the large audience beforehand.  Like living liner-notes, Sean’s presentations helped the large audience get a familiarity with the pieces they were about to hear.  Below I have posted Sean’s presentation on Trio For Oboe, Violin, and Cello by Alyssa Weinberg, as well as the subsequent performance.  I hope you enjoy!

Sean’s Presentation


Trio For Oboe, Violin, and Cello by Alyssa Weinberg


Sean Neukom – violin, Alicia Storin – cello, Evan Cobb – oboe

Trio In Action

EC Oboe


Alyssa Weinberg, EC, Alicia Storin, Sean Neukom, Lori-Gene

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