Download the Cobb’s Mob! Show of 8.30.09

Good times were had at Cafe CoCo this past Sunday night.  The band played well and had a ball, as did the audience.  If you didn’t make it out and would like to hear some of it, I’ve put most of the show up for a free download . The password is ‘coco’, but act fast as the mp3s will only be available for one week.  I’ve also posted a solo clip in the setlist below, as well as links to the fine players’ personal projects.


1. Skeeter ‘Da – EC

2. Red Cross – Charlie Parker, arr by EC


3. A Love That Lasts – EC

4. Marie Antoinette – Wayne Shorter

5. Crescent City Ditty – EC

6. Autumn Leaves w/ Denis Solee – Joseph Kosma, Johnny Mercer

7. Triste w/ Denis Solee – Antonio Carlos Jobim

8. Catch 22.5 – Jonathan Epley

9. Caravan – Duke Ellington, Juan Tizol arr. by Freddie Hubbard

Oscar Utterstrom

Jonathan Epley

Michael Rinne

John Alvey

Matt White

Next show for the band is Thursday September 10th at the Vanderbilt Commons, also for free!  Be sure to come say hello.

– evan

2 thoughts on “Download the Cobb’s Mob! Show of 8.30.09
  1. Good to hear you play, Evan. I like your tunes, man! Keep it up.

  2. Superbly illuminating data here, tnhkas!

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