Monthly Archives: February 2010

Bob Marley Tribute This Friday

Local production group Kid Electric Concerts puts on a couple of stellar tribute concerts each year, augmented only by the fact that they put them together for charity.  Their mission is “to raise funds and awareness for local non-profit and community based organizations who aim to change not only our great city but the world.  We celebrate these organizations by… (more…)

Successful First Jazz Jam Night

The jam session this past Wednesday night at Edgehill Studios Cafe was a rousing success.  We had a good turnout, many original works played, and plenty of learning experiences all around. Happily, the jam session is forging ahead!   So mark your calendars for the next installment on Monday, March 1st again at 7pm at Edgehill.  We’ll be keeping the… (more…)

Nashville Jazz Jam Sessions Return

Our favorite musical art form, jazz, has a great history of jam sessions.  Traditionally, the language of jazz has been developed and passed down through generations of musicians aurally.  Jam sessions provide a chance for musicians of all ability levels to learn – musically, personally, and professionally. Recently Nashville has lost many of the regular learning opportunities provided by jam… (more…)