Monthly Archives: May 2010

Dave Douglas on Jam Sessions

Scouring the intraweb for jazz blogs, I came across this recent post from Dave Douglas about jam sessions.  Since getting regular jazz jam sessions up and running here and Nashville has been such a focus of this blog, I wanted to link to his article which asks “What is a Jam Session?”. Raises some interesting questions.  In the meantime, please… (more…)

Nashville Jazz Workshop May Jam Session

This coming Sunday, May 16th, is the 3rd installment of the reworked Nashville Jazz Workshop Jam Session.  We’ll be continuing with a constructive format, including speaking about learning tunes, using our ears, and jam sessions in general.  The featured guest for this month is none other than the director of the Nashville Jazz Orchestra, Jim Williamson.  Rounding out the ensemble… (more…)

Flood Relief

Last night Keith Olbermann commented on Countdown that “if there’s anything worse than your community being hit by a disaster, it’s being hit by a disaster while other and bigger disasters unfold.” Being from the New York area, I’ve been closely following the attempted car bomb plot in Times Square and last night’s resulting arrest.  This past weekend I also… (more…)