The White Brothers of Kitty Hawk

Orville and Wilbur Wright were brothers credited with the first successful airplane flight on the coast of North Carolina.  As a child I was always thrilled by flight – my two favorite parts of trips with my parents would be the takeoffs of commercial airliners to and from the destination.  Sadly that’s no longer the case for me on jet planes, but the sensations that I remember from takeoffs are still thrilling.  Luckily I do still experience them, and most typically through music.

You’ve no doubt heard trumpeter Matt White – he’s featured prominently on Falling Up – but you likely haven’t had the pleasure of listening to his original material.  Just prior to moving to the coast of South Carolina to begin a trumpet teaching gig at Coastal Carolina University, Matt put together a great band to record eight original compositions (and one arrangement).  Matt’s writing is capable of producing flying sensations for me as much as any musician I’ve ever worked with, and the great ensemble he recorded took up that task with great aplomb: Joe Davidian, Jonathan Wires, Jim White (not actually Matt’s brother), and Don Aliquo on the sextet tracks.  The record was just recently mixed and mastered, so now I’m waiting with great curiosity (as you should be too!) to hear the finished product.

Click the link to hear a sample track, “The Yankee Poured Out the Bacon Grease.”  Wheeeeeeeee

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