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It was a great weekend of music at Pete Miller’s in Evanston, IL.  The Northwestern University campus and Evanston are in some ways unchanged and some ways very different.  Ten years ago it seemed like I had hundreds of friends and colleagues in and around the area.  Walking along there nowadays seemed like the ground had swallowed up and digested that universe with new people and businesses playing their roles in the recognizable Evanston facade, only to perhaps find the same result in 2022. 2022 sounds so futuristic, doesn’t it?  In remarking about the ease of having a pet cat versus a dog, my friend mentioned that the task is even easier since the litter box is cleaned by a robotic ‘litter’ dispenser.  It seems …

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Upcoming Shows

December 29. 2017

Skulls - every Thursday night

Two sets of jazz led by Chris Walters at Skulls Rainbow Room, supporting Madam Hazel Jones Burlesque Jazz Night.

Every Thursday from 11pm - 1am.
No cover!

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June 26. 2017

NJW Summer Jazz Camp

The 6th Annual NJW Summer Jazz Camp! A great week for teenagers to come learn, experience, and celebrate jazz. Hosted by the Blair School at Vanderbilt University!

Daily from June 26 - 30, 9:30 to 4:30. Final Concert at 3pm June 30.

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December 31. 2017

HCFAS monthly @ Acme Feed & Seed

Come listen to 10 of Nashville's funkiest local players in a late night throw down.
11pm to 2am one Friday night per month. Check my social media for more details.

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December 31. 2017

NJW Jam Session - Monthly

4pm to 6pm once per month, every 3rd Sunday.

The jam session is free for players and listeners and features a special guest each month.

Occurs the 3rd Sunday of each month - check or my social media for more details.

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December 31. 2017

Check Twitter for More Gigs

There are much better details about gigs announced on my twitter and other social media. Please follow me there for more information about cool performances, happenings, and other assorted gigs!

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