MCJS Remote Camps

Well the first ever MCJS Remote Camp went great! We had eight terrific teenage students who engaged in call kinds of listening, theory, and ear training with me while we looked through a list of great material. I still learn more about this music every time I study it. So much of the music that I love is based on the simplest of ideas – like the relationship of triads a fourth apart. The subtle restructuring of the those two triads can give so much depth to a chord voicing. Take for instance, the opening two chords of Freddie Freeloader versus the opening two chords of The Sticks. On Freddie, you could call the triads Gm and Fm, OR you could say Bb6 and Fm, …

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May 26. 2020

Music City Jazz Sessions

Daily from May 26 - 30, 9:30 to 11.

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