Are you a musician who wants to find out how jazz works
or grow your knowledge?

Register to participate in the
First Annual MCJS Remote Jazz Camp!

We’ll be meeting via Zoom Video Conferencing for five straight mornings from May 26 – 30 (2020) to learn about some of the basic elements of jazz. Utilizing some of jazz’s most famous recordings, we’ll work on:

Listening – how and what to listen for
Theory – how does jazz work
Ear Training – how to recognize intervals, chords, and patterns

The curriculum will include in-depth analysis and transcriptions of:
Freddie Freeloader from Kind of Blue by Miles Davis
Alligator Bogaloo from Alligator Bogaloo by Lou Donaldson
Maiden Voyage from Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock
Song For My Father from Song For My Father by Horace Silver
Second Balcony Jump from Go! by Dexter Gordon

What do you need to participate?

Students should have some experience reading music and playing an instrument or singing. No jazz experience required.

Zoom video conferencing software is free. All you need is a reliable internet connection and computer/tablet/smartphone. We’ve created a list of recommended hardware to get the most out of remote music classes, linked here.

How to Register

1. Fill out the online application (approx 3 minutes)
2. Pay $100 tuition via Square
3. Mark down 9:
30-11 on your calendar from May 26-30.



Since I started studying music, specifically jazz, Mr. Cobb has been and continues to be a key figure in my journey. His ability to explain concepts in an engaging way, his personable demeanour, and his investment in his pupils are all things that have kept me motivated to stay on my musical path. I can say that studying with him is never boring, and his witty-yet-informed commentary is delightful to hear; I always come away from his classes feeling like I’ve learned something useful. Without his help, I can say that I never would have placed for All-State and that I would not be as far along musically as I am at this point.
Parker B, Hume Fogg class of 2020

Our son studied with Evan for five years. Evan encouraged him to push out of his comfort zone offering opportunities for our son to continue to grow and thrive as a musician. He is an extraordinary teacher and a wonderful person who helped to mold our son into the musician he is today. 
Lauren K, parent

As my teacher for five years, Evan was a constant source of inspiration and knowledge. He is an extremely skilled instrumentalist and an all-around great teacher. He instilled in me a passion for music that continues to motivate my musical journey to this day.
Jay K, USN class of 2017, Columbia University student

Studying with Evan Cobb was a true blessing for me. His masterful expression of the language and tradition of jazz is immediately shown from his first few notes on the horn. He is equally a master of conveying these expressions to his students in a very clear and concise manner, giving them the tools to find themselves in their instrument.
Carson Y, NSA class of 2015, UTK class of 2019

Having lessons with Evan was a positive experience that opened up one of my son’s view towards music, and taught my other son so much more. Not only did he teach him elements of jazz, but also gave my son plenty of opportunities to meet other musicians, making it so exciting to be involved in the musician community. Evan’s great personality, energy, and commitment towards music was something I really appreciated. I have no doubt that having Evan as my son’s instructor was the best choice.
Kuniyo S, parent

Evan Cobb provided me lessons from my sophomore to senior year of high school and truly prepared me for college and future endeavors in music. I have performed in my college’s premier jazz ensemble two years in a row, performed with many different groups in six different states in my freshman year alone and thanks to Evan, I was properly prepared for college and a professional career in music.
Miles W, Centennial HS class of 2018, U Memphis class of 2022

My son has been with Evan for the past 3 years. Thanks to Evan, during this time my son has made Mid State and All State Jazz band every year. He has been first chair tenor sax at Hume Fogg during this time as well. Evan was also instrumental in getting him ready for college auditions that resulted in several full scholarship offers, including one to Berklee School of Music! I knew my son was good, but Evan took him from good to great! 
James K, parent

Evan Cobb is one of the most inspiring and highly influential musicians/teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from and playing with. His ability to clearly break down and demonstrate concepts on any level, allows his students to feel comfortable exploring new sounds and techniques. Evan teaches professionally and precisely while maintaining an environment that is fun and intriguing.
Gabe C, Centennial HS class of 2016, MTSU student

Evan has a teacher’s gift for listening to his students specific interests and objectives – and working with them in the direction and pace that they want to go. Although my son started playing late, Evan provided the specialized teaching to help him master skills quickly and develop his own style. That training and the accompanying confidence will allow him to continue playing in a collegiate level jazz ensemble.
Delana O, parent

I studied with Evan Cobb full time throughout middle school and high school as well as the occasional lesson today. His private lessons and teachings prepared me to study music at the collegiate level and now as a professional musician. I encourage any young musician looking to perform on the next level to study with Evan Cobb.
Seth F, McGavock HS class of 2014, TTU class of 2018

When I first started getting into jazz saxophone, I had no clue where to start or what to study or anything. Evan has helped me tremendously over the past 3 or 4 years and given me guidance all along the way. He’s helped me reach heights I never could’ve imagined, including full tuition scholarships from multiple schools! I’m blessed to have him as my teacher, and I recommend him to other aspiring saxophonists. Even though I’m going to college soon, he has prepared me with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed at that level as well. I truly don’t think I could’ve gotten here without him, and I thank him greatly for that. 
Jacob K, Hume Fogg class of 2020, Berklee class of 2024