Nashville Jazz Jam Sessions Return

I’m very pleased to announce the return of two separate but important jazz jam sessions here in Nashville.  Firstly, I’ve found a new home for the since defunct Cafe CoCo Jazz Jam Session.  Edgehill Studios Cafe has been kind enough to agree to host the jam on a trial basis.  Instead of Sunday afternoon, the jazz jam will take place on Wednesday evening.  The first session is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10th at 7pm.  If you’re one of the many folks who misses the weekly hang from CoCo, be sure to attend the jam at Edgehill.  The jam will be “on trial” for a regular spot in their lineup, so we’ll need your support!  Even if you didn’t attend the Cafe CoCo jam but are interested in having a viable jam session in downtown Nashville, then we need your support as well.

The jam at Edgehill Stuidos Cafe will be streamlined a bit from what you may remember of Sunday’s weekly jam, but I’ll spare you most of those details here.  All you need to know is that if you want to play, come on down with your axe and a tune that you know (no Realbooks!) and we’ll get you up to sit in with some of Music City’s top musicians.

I’m also pleased to announce that starting the third Sunday of March, we’ll be bringing back the Nashville Jazz Workshop’s monthly jam session hosted by yours truly.   This jam will feature a guest artist each month who besides playing, will talk constructively about their experiences with learning tunes and jam sessions in general.   Again we’ll encourage everyone to come with tunes prepared (no Realbooks!) but expect the atmosphere to be more of a clinic than your typical jam session at a bar.

So in short, if you’ve been looking for creative outlets to play or sing jazz in Nashville, rejoice.  We have some great opportunities lined up, now we just need your support!

See you on the bandstand.


2 thoughts on “Nashville Jazz Jam Sessions Return
  1. Awesome! You da man!

  2. Evan

    Looks great.

    I will attempt to connect with you on one of our trips through.

    We will be in town June, 10, 2012. Could you suggest any good hang outs?

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