Nashville Jazz Workshop Jam

The Return of the Nashville Jazz Workshop Jam Session

with special guest Joe Davidian

hosted by the Evan Cobb Quartet

On Sunday, March 21st the Nashville Jazz Workshop Jam Session returns with featured guest Joe Davidian.  The jam session will take place from 4 – 6, is free, and participation is designed for musicians of all ability levels.  The return of the Workshop Jam Session is a bit reformatted.  Besides playing (or singing) a few choice selections, the featured guest artist will be speaking about the songs they selected, learning tunes in general, and their personal experiences with jam sessions.  The host band will also provide the guest artist with a new tune (with copies for everyone in attendance) so that the audience can hear how a professional dissects a chart on the fly while on the bandstand!  All in attendance at the jam will also receive a copy of a tune (most likely a blues) for them to try in just the same manner as the featured guest.  The focus of the workshop jazz jam will be to learn about playing, listening critically, and the process of jam sessions altogether.


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