Happy New Year

It’s hard to believe we’re now thirteen years into the ‘future’.  Pretty much every year from here on out sounds like a science-fiction number to me.  Then again, I watched a season 1 episode of The Sopranos the other day from 1999, and that seemed outdated.  Perhaps I’m just an anachronism.

Anyways, in 2013 I’ve resolved to be a bit more active on this blog.  As facebook has become a nightmarish tool for those afraid to have a civil discussion on a barstool, I’m trying to disengage from the malicious source altogether.  There’s all sorts of great things happening in Nashville’s jazz scene, and ideally this blog will give me a chance to illuminate them without inundating my “virtual friends.”

So to kick things off, I wanted to correct a problem on this website: there are no videos of my work on here.  I admit to being a mild technophobe, but that’s not a good excuse.  So allow me to ameliorate the situation with this: “Mahdernism” from the Falling Up CD Release Party at the Nashville Jazz Workshop in December of 2011.  This video features the band from the CD: Bruce Dudley, Jonathan Wires, Josh Hunt, and special guest Jeff Coffin.  Enjoy!

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