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Feeling Charged

Despite the fact that today is (likely) Nashville’s coldest day of the year – we won’t hit 30 degrees – I’m feeling charged up about a lot of things happening in our jazz scene. This weekend was a blast.  The quartet had a great show at F Scotts – we played a large mix of new charts, original tunes, and… (more…)

The White Brothers of Kitty Hawk

Orville and Wilbur Wright were brothers credited with the first successful airplane flight on the coast of North Carolina.  As a child I was always thrilled by flight – my two favorite parts of trips with my parents would be the takeoffs of commercial airliners to and from the destination.  Sadly that’s no longer the case for me on jet… (more…)

Nashville’s Jazz Party of the Year

This coming Sunday is the big day for the Nashville Jazz Workshop’s Annual Fundraiser.  The event kicks off at 4pm at the Limelight (right across from the Titans’ stadium) and is filled with food, a huge auction, and of course great music featuring many of Nashville’s finest musicians. More details about the musicians, auction items, and event in general are… (more…)